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Little Honey Standard Model On Display

Standard Model


All Little Honey wood burner models come equipped with heat shields, and a moveable double burner plate, which aids both combustion and minimizes the tendency to smoke out the room when the door is opened.

Top view of a Standard Little Honey Woodburner

Little Honey Stepped-Back Model On Display

Stepped-Back Flue


The stepped-back flue provides a larger hot-spot area above the double-burner plate, plus extra room on the stove top making this model suitable for use with The Little Honey Oven.


Profile View of Little Honey Stepped-Back Flue

Little Honey Wide Model On Display

Wide Model


50mm wider than the others and with a stepped back flue, gives this a slightly higher heat output, making it capable of heating a larger room. It is also more suitable for cooking as two 6 inch pots can be comfortably placed on the stove top.

Double Pots on Wide Little Honey Woodburner

Please see the Full Comparison list at the bottom of this page for the dimensions of each model. (Click Here to Scroll Down)

The Little Honey Woodburner

The ‘Little Honey’ wood burner is a small wood fire designed and built for Housetrucks, Motorhomes, Boats and is a great choice for a wood stove in a ‘Tiny House’. I have made Little Honey’s for over 20 yrs and they have given many years of trouble free service to many happy owners.

Fitted with a moveable double burner plate, the Little Honey is easy to light, but will still burn slowly and cleanly when hot. Air is preheated and enters the combustion chamber above the door keeping the glass clear and slightly cooler. With careful stoking with wood or wood and coal this small fire will burn ‘over night’. The fire can be quickly extinguished by closing the air vents when it is time to ‘move on’.

Please Note: Because the air vents can be fully closed, the Little Honey cannot be ‘clean air approved’, and as an ‘untested fire’ it is not intended to be installed where Council permits and consents are required.

The Little Honey with the long legs can be mounted on the floor, or consider making a woodbox to sit the short leg model on, at a height you can see in, cook on, and stoke with ease. With the stepped-back flue model, you also have the option of baking on the stove top with a ‘Little Honey Oven’. (See more info below)

Heat shields are also fitted to The Little Honey to enable it to be placed in the confined space of a Motorhome or Tiny House. See our Recommended Clearances here.  

Optional Upgrades

Long Legs Alternative

$50 – Alternative long leg supports. The Long Legs can be fitted to any Little Honey model to raise the base of the little honey up 200mm from the floor with holes to be bolted to the hearth.

Long legs fitted on a Stepped-Back Flue Little Honey Woodburner

Removable Marine Rail

$50 – A removable marine rail can be added to the stove top of any of the Little Honey wood burner models. If it gets in your way when cooking just ‘pop’ it off.

Removable marine rail on a Stepped-Back Flue Little Honey Woodburner

Wall Mounting Alternative

$395 – Mounting your Little Honey on the wall will free up the floor space underneath, eliminate the need for a hearth and function as the extra heat shield on the wall behind the fire.

Removable marine rail on a Stepped-Back Flue Little Honey Woodburner

Additional Details/Photos of Wall Mount:

This optional alternative for mounting your Little Honey Woodburner also means it can be lifted to a height that will make it easier to stoke and ‘enjoy the view’ through the glass in the door.

The wall mount comes with a flue heat shield, available in 1200 mm and 600 mm lengths, and all spacers and screws to secure it in place. However, it does also require reasonable framing in the wall (behind the wall lining), to secure it (so ‘think ahead’ when planning your build).

The mount suits the Standard and Stepped-back flue models and is an alternative to mounting on the floor, on the ‘long legs’.

Optional Extra – The Little Honey Oven

$295 – Compatible with the stepped-back flue and wide models.

The Little Honey Oven sits on the top plate and will bake your bread, scones, buns, pizza, cakes, or biscuits… all while you keep warm in the winter!

It has a temperature gauge and a window to keep an eye on progress. It also comes with a special skillet to stop the bottom of your baking from scorching and a vent on top for added temperature control.

Full Feature Comparison List

What are the actual differences between each model of fireplace?

All Little Honey Woodburners come equipped with Heat Shields, a Movable Double-burner Plate and an Ash/coal catcher under the door.

All Little Honey Woodburners fit a standard 100 mm flue which you will need to source from your local plumbing supply store.

Little Honey wood burners compact wood stove


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